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We really appreciate and cherish all the kind words our clients have given us like the ones below:

“Nice Touch is very user friendly and they have great support that is prompt.”

Tanya Bernal, Avila Traffic Safety

“All the newbies complain about what a pain it is to do the DEWR’s and I just laugh and tell them how lucky they are to have EWBills! They have no idea LOL.

There is nothing you can do. ALL the complaints are with regard to the paperwork that has to be pulled together or the reports from the field not being legible.”

Tiffany Howe, President at Mike Brown Electric Co.

“I am contacting you today to let you know that after 37 years with Union Asphalt / CalPortland my journey has come to an end. I am retiring and my last day will be tomorrow June 2, 2022. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the opportunity of finding your company and the support you have shown over the many years working with Nice Touch. You and your program have truly been a lifesaver for me. I am thankful every time we use it, and gladly recommend to everyone I know.”

Monica Lowers, CalPortland Construction

“Thank you for all the quick support. It really helps business keep flowing.”

John Bailey, T and S DVBE, Inc.

“Nice Touch has made entering our EWBs so easy – it has easily made entry 100 times easier and faster. It’s a great program! We have been having LOTS of fun with NiceTouch and all the EWBs.”

Maria Lanza, Golden State Bridge, Inc.

“Thank you for your help today. As always, I am really impressed with Nice Touch software program functions and exceptional customer support!”

“… thank you for all the support. Dave and I couldn’t function without Nicetouch. It’s an invaluable tool.”

Matthew T. Byrne, Omni Pipelines, Inc.

“… and thank you for providing us such a great product for our Caltrans work and other agencies too.”

Lynn Bailey, Controller at Bridgeway Civil Constructors, Inc.

“I’ve been using the EWBills system from Nicetouch since 2017 for Caltrans projects and other projects following the Caltrans Force Account method. The way EWBills system works with the HeavyJob system is an amazing process. I’ve been able to go onto HeavyJob arrange all the timecards that I want to be processed in EWBills and then simple export those timecards into the EWBills system. At one point, I exported a year’s worth of data from HeavyJob to EWBills. A process that would have taken weeks to perform has taken me a couple of hours between formatting the HeavyJob side, exporting the timecards, evaluating the data in EWBills, and then finalizing the extra work bills.

Arnold and his staff have always been extremely helpful when I have a question or when something isn’t work out. His staff has been extremely educational and patient with my many mistakes in the past. I would recommend the Nicetouch system to anyone who performs extra work with Caltrans or other agencies that follow the Caltrans method.”

Kevin Miles, Project Manager at Granite Construction

“Your software is awesome and the support for your product is just fantastic.  We could not do what we do without it. “

Rita Crow, Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.

“This software has been an excellent investment for our Force Account needs. The interface is simple to use and the rate files make inputting updated equipment and labor simple and easy to complete. Having all of the data in one central system ensures our records are secure and allows users from across our company to access our information. Thanks for providing this service and for all of the immediate customer support.”

Andrew, KJ Woods Construction, Inc.

“Just letting you know my work with Daley Corp is complete.

It has been a real pleasure using your program and interacting with my fellow colleagues, and, especially, with you. If I may say, you have done well Obi-Wan.

As you know, a contractors involvement with Caltrans is challenging, but NiceTouch made the extra work side of the equation very manageable. The program is clear cut, auditable, flexible, and evolving.

I have appreciated all the changes you have accomplished, especially on the private side of the program. Thank you.”

Daryl Granbois, Daley Corporation

“You have the best customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere!”

Mary Shurtleff, Diversified Landscape Co., Inc.

“I have only been using EWBills for about four months and I cannot even imagine having to do extra work bills without this program – we have at least 25 entries a day for Caltrans extra work and this process is so simple, accurate, and fast now.”

Cheryl Tyrrell, Tyrrell Resources, Inc.

“Thank you Arnold! Always the BEST customer service!”

Jenny Winchak, Harber Companies, Inc.

“Your services and your software are absolutely invaluable.”

Rita Crow, Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.

“We have used your Help Desk web links to the Monthly Webinar recordings to assist us in getting familiar with the new program, and we LOVE IT!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post them. They are very helpful, and we especially appreciate the notations as to the subject(s) covered in each video.”

Lori Ellis, Diversified Landscape Co.

“Honestly, your software works really well in Citrix. All I did was run the installer as per your instructions and gave a shortcut to the users in their start menu. I haven’t had any problems at all, they haven’t reported anything either.

Your setup works well because it’s basically a RDP session which can typically be run from any machine. I’ve been very pleased with this setup since we moved over to your cloud based solution.”

Martin Wong, Network Administrator, SEMA Construction, Inc.

“You have just been awesome for our team. We love your product.”

Rita Crow, Shimmick Construction Company, Inc.

“Thank YOU Arnold for all your support this year and assistance when I encountered sticky situations. This software has been part of my life for several years now and it’s so reliable I never have to worry about issues related to it. Problems have always been self-induced by us!”

Ross Holly, Rosendin Electric, Inc.

“EWTouch has made a difficult and lengthy process become much easier and less time consuming. The technical support and ease of the software is priceless. Every question about the software and the process has been answered in a timely manner from a highly knowledgeable and professional agent. I am fully satisfied with this program and highly recommend it to other companies.”

Holly Williamson, Danielson Construction Inc.

“Happy is an understatement, I can’t say if I would still be here if I didn’t have the software. I was telling the person who does payroll, that I would not do her job, no matter how much money they offered me, No software. I can’t thank you enough for creating the EWB software, I may not be the most educated person around, but I do recognize when a job can and should be done smarter. Money cannot be the only bottom line….”

Cindy Ratcliff, Brutco Engineering and Construction, Inc.

“Arnold Young is the best, He makes using the EWTouch program easy and understandable!”

Jessica Wasch, AVAR

“With a minimal amount of setup and training, anyone can be producing bills in a couple of hours. Time invested in getting started with EWTouch will be repaid very quickly, even on a small project. The efficiency with which EWTouch produces bills combined with it’s powerful tracking and reporting capabilities makes this program indispensable to even the small contractor, and absolutely vital for large contractors.”

Cliff Dawley Yeager Skanska Inc.

“The software is extremely reliable and setting up project data is a quick one-time process. Change order entry is flexible, and the ability to duplicate invoices for repetitive tasks is very time saving!”

Ross A. Holly Rosendin Electric, Inc.

“This software makes my job easy and the system has really helped our company organize and track our extra work bills. I have and will recommend Nice Touch Solutions to anyone interested in streamlining their extra work billing process.”

Misty L. Cadway Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

“I really enjoy your program and would recommend it to anyone. It saves time by bringing so many details together in one place. I can’t speak highly enough about it. You have done a great job by converting a time intensive manual labor of time and material billing to a computer program usable by anyone.”

Dominique Colbert P&D Landscape Management Services

“I love this new version. The subcontractor side is so much easier!!! It saves so much time. I entered the extra work bill and it took me about ¼ of the time.”

Toni Benson Mercer Fraser Company

“EWTouch is invaluable to us. I encourage any contractor doing force account work to buy it, especially subcontractors doing work with our company. We purchased the network edition in March 2001 and it literally paid for itself in the first month of use. The after sale service and support are beyond expectation. The continual updates of Caltrans equipment rates and program upgrades are always on time and helpful.”

Ali Solehjou, P.E. R.J. Noble Company, Inc.

“Thank you from the bottom of my “Heart”. Your program has made my job here at Ortiz Enterprises, Inc. so very time efficient and easy. It is great knowing that expert help is just a quick e-mail or phone call away. Arnold is truly a wonderful business man. Thanks again.”

Earlene Brewer Ortiz Enterprises, Inc.

“I would like to thank you for introducing and increasingly improving EWTouch program. I can’t tell you how great it is to be able to fly through these bills and know that I will be able to get to the many other tasks I have. And the upgrades… wow! You have done a great job! I love the FTP!

I knew it was going to make a difference but I really got to see how much, recently. I am working out of two different job sites temporarily (one has FTP and one does not) and I had about 20 bills I needed to process from one of them. That particular job has been ongoing and does not have FTP so I am still making the copies, etc.. It dawned on me when I was standing there making copies for about 20-30 minutes, that I would have been done already had I had the FTP available there. I would have sent a batch and boom, I’m done. Either way is better than the “old” way we used to do it!”

Tonya Pacheco FCI Constructors

“Your program makes billing and tracking extra works a breeze! Our non-Caltrans customers really like the universal format. Great work!”

Keith Johnson Argonaut Constructors

“We are undoubtedly one of the smaller Companies to use Nice Touch, but your services and your product are no less useful. Prior to using your program, the extra work billing process was a proverbial nightmare. Now I can finish a force account billing in about 1/10 the time it used to take, with a very high confidence level. We have been very pleased with your professional expertise, and also your personalized service. You have been imminently reachable, responding quickly and cheerfully every time we call.
I would recommend your service to any contractor — even those who only do a small amount of force account billing a year. It’s invaluable!”

J J Bainbridge Cal-Kirk Landscaping, Inc.

“Nice Touch has enabled me to complete my extra work bills more efficiently.”

Mike Lewis C.C. Myers, Inc.

“Nice Touch’s EWTouch extra work billing solution has been an excellent product both for content and, just as important, for the excellent technical support provided. I have found that the programmers have thought of everything!They have built-in tools so I can query the master files into Excel and distribute electronic lists of our equipment rates to project managers.

Nice Touch is right on the ball with updates and upgrades, and very helpful with licensing strategy so we don’t buy more than we really need. It is hard to find a company that is so responsive to customer needs and suggestions to improve the product, and one who is so willing to provide timely upgrades so we can quickly take advantage of the improvements. EWTouch is the best product out there and for many good reasons. Nice going, Nice Touch!”

Laura Billingsley R&L Brosamer, Inc.

“When I started working as an office manager I dreaded doing the extra work bills. Part of the reason was because I would have to write them out and not only do you get writer’s cramp, it took half a day to process 5 bills. I remember the day Nice Touch came in to demonstrate the program and I remember telling them, ” I could just hug you!!” I really meant that! This program has saved me so much time and frustration (because as we know the bills were carbon copies) and not only that, it helps me perform my other tasks more efficiently due to the fact that I’m not “rushing” around trying to stay caught up.”

Tonya Pacheco FCI Constructors

“The efficiency with which EWTouch produces bills combined with it’s powerful tracking and reporting make this program indispensable to even the small contractor, and absolutely vital for large

Cliff Dawley, Yeager Skanska Inc.

“The ease of use is to me the high point of EWTouch. But all the features of this software, from regular updates, to tracking and reporting, to generating bills have been beyond comparison to
other construction type software.”

Claudia Gurney, R.A. Heaps Electrical Contractor, Inc.

“With a minimal amount of setup and training, anyone can be producing bills in a couple of hours.”

Misty Cadway, Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

“… this program has been one of the most time saving investments I have made since I have been with this company.”

Tiffany Howe, Controller Mike Brown Electric Company

“I am very excited for the launching of the long awaited updated version of Nice Touch. Since we installed the software in 2003 the program has been a savior. The EW billing program saved literally 15 to 20 minutes per bill, and in our industry with Caltrans work we produce a tremendous amount of extra work daily. The ability to send electronically to our GC’s is not only a time saver, but serves as a tracking tool for bills that had been sent.

Once the program was in full swing and I could see how much time was being saved by using the program, I was singing praises to anyone that we did business with. You would think I was a business development liaison for Nice Touch.

Recently we purchased a new accounting system, and CFO and VP finance were insisting we use the(canned) Time and Material program that is part of our accounting system. I DUG my heels and told them that “Nice Touch” is a specialized T & M program for our industry that allows us to communicate electronically with our GC and Caltrans, that the Aging, Tracking and reports are “bar-none”. That the ability to pull aged reports from Nice Touch vs the accounting program made tracking of open and paid bills a breeze.

One last praise……. Your customer service is OUTSTANDING. You’ve been there to help us along all of these years, you personally will help us not just push the call off to the staff.

Thanks Arnold and I look forward to many more years with you and your wonderful program.”

Lesa Bixel, Select Electric, Inc.

Comments after the January 2014 Monthly Webinar: “Lots of cool stuff! Easier set up & maintenance of rate sets, the change in  optional wage rate level is great, we pay a lot of workers above scale. Filters are more detailed and easier to navigate. I really like the Job descriptions as in prime or sub, the tagging is nice too. I’m sure I will have questions once I start playing around with it, overall nice job! Oh Yeah, I really like the revamp of the FTP site. I’m really looking forward to being able to access it directly, as you know because of issues on our end I had to go through  separate application to access it. Love the easier on the eyes visual appeal of the user interface!!”

Cindy Ratcliff, Brutoco Engineering & Construction, Inc.


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