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Why Use EWBills on the Cloud?

♦ Allows us to make it even easier for you to do your Extra Work Billing processing

◊ Updating the EWBills program – continual enhancements will be introduced especially based on user feedback
◊ Making transparent database conversions as needed to accommodate new features in the program
◊ Updating Caltrans Rate Files for Equipment and Labor Surcharge rates on a timely manner – daily as they become available from Caltrans
Backing up your data to multiple storage locations daily

♦ Allows us to provide even better technical support being able to access your database and provide help taking less of your time especially being able to reproduce issues you are encountering

Secured access from anywhere on the internet from your business or field office, home, or at meetings at the offices of your claims consultant or project owner.

New user interface – more intuitive but familiar and consistent across the application

◊ Enhanced menu toolbar, browse lists, entry forms, and reports
◊ Billing Worksheet – now self contained for everything want to do with the selected job

Reduce dependency of outside systems

◊ Built-in email system – not tied to changes in your corporate email system
◊ Built-in FTP client – not tied to web browser limitations
◊ Built-in PDF report generator – no need for a PDF print driver or creation program
◊ Built-in Rate File copying, renaming, selection, deleting  – no need for windows explorer

Enhanced Billing Summary Inspector system with rolled up dollars and multiple breakdowns

More refined user access restrictions by functional group as well as jobs

Multi-Entity Organizations can now share common company resource tables (employees, equipment, companies, and rates)

♦ More direct connection between Prime Contractor and Subcontractor passing Billing Submittal files to Virtual Mailbox System rather than email.

Totally refactored code base to accommodate

◊ newer Windows Operating Systems
◊ upcoming program feature enhancements and modules
◊ with minimal database changes from EWTouch to allow for quick implementation to EWBills
◊ clearer and more error handling messages to minimize bad data entry or processing
◊ column tooltips especially for one letter column headers

♦ Enhanced and New Feature Gems such as:

◊ QuickFilter
◊ Tagging Bills for multiple printing, emailing, and deleting
◊ Archiving and restoring jobs including archiving all inactive jobs with one click
◊ Charge/Payment counts on the Billing Worksheet tabs
◊ Droplist Billing list filter for status, CCOs, companies, and categories
◊ Enhanced Billing File Transfer process
◊ Applicable Caltrans resource links
◊ Verify Bills/Charges check
◊ Improved Query, View, Report, and Export Wizards for data output or viewing

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EWBills holds all the data needed to quickly and easily create a bill. With simple setup anyone can be generating bills that same day. And, bills are produced in minutes, not hours.

The system has built-in intelligence to automatically convert bills into the required format — either short form or long form for Caltrans projects, or the Universal form for public or private projects. Reporting and exporting of information is made easy with simple wizards. Electronic submittals from Subcontractor to Prime Contractor speeds up a once tedious task when both parties use EWBills for any contract. Furthermore specifically for Caltrans projects the Prime Contractor can then file transfer both their own and their subcontractors bills to Sacramento electronically easily and quickly. Notification emails are created automatically in the process.


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